Hi! I’m Kelly and I am a self-taught Illustrator with a huge passion for creativity and art. My journey first started with my love of drawing and painting straight to canvas, but since then, I’ve advanced my passion even further. 


All of my paintings are digitally focused, allowing me to combine natural drawings with expert-level detail and even more vibrancy and colour. Just like pencil to paper, I use my digital pen and tablet to create art for my clients, whether it’s their beloved pet, a family portrait, wildlife or something else they love!

I currently work on multiple platforms, such as Photoshop and ProCreate, and use my Wacom Cintiq Tablet or iPad to keep working wherever I am. I love the natural feel of holding the pen to screen, keeping my work true while still representing my skills, while creating a truly original and unique picture.


I spent my childhood drawing and creating art whenever I had the opportunity. If I didn’t have paper, I’d be drawing on the walls. If I didn’t have pens or paint, I’d be making drawings out of stones, sticks and leaves on the ground. Nothing really stopped me from finding ways to create art. 


Most of my studies were focused around Art, Design and anything creative. In my GCSE’s I achieved an A* in Art, and an A in Graphic Design, and managed to carry these exact grades through to my A Level qualifications, too. It wasn’t until I landed my career and qualification in digital marketing, that I learnt about the digital world. 


I’ve spent 4 years as a Graphic Designer for a global marketing agency and have produced work for companies worldwide. But, I constantly wanted to explore my illustrative abilities, and when I learnt how to use a tablet, that’s when I discovered a new found love for digital paintings. I finally found something that was different and that I could put my own mark on, and that’s how my journey as an artist in the digital world began!